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This morning we looked out upon more frost.

Notice this stone buddha has frost on the top, but around the base the grass is frost free.

Hopefully the tomatoes were well enough protected.

Under the tarp is an unripe prize uchiki kuri.

Predictions say the frost is over, and we’ll have warmer nights for the next 2 weeks.

Stone Buddha contemplating Lacy phacelia.

I sow Lacy phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) and other green manure plants whenever I have some empty spaces at the end of the spring season. It’s an excellent cover crop aiding in weed control.

But not only that, it has a long flowering period with blossums rich in nectar attracting bees, butterflies and other insects facilitating pollination. It is also important in biological pest control by attracting hoverflies which eat aphids and other pests.

Nice to contemplate too.

By the way – Happy Autumn Equinox!