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When it’s really cold and stormy I can stay indoors and do a lot of reading, as well as making koji and miso, but soon I get restless and need to get out for some fresh air and maybe skiing, or to do some carpentry or such. My little make-shift workshop behind the house is protected, and a nice place to spend the afternoon even when it’s cold and windy.

I always need more cages for protecting the plants that the butterflies, deer and hares like.

This year I made them with one long side open. I can put them together and hold them with a latch on each end.

This way they are still light weight and easier to move and open up for weeding and harvesting, while covering a wider area. I hope!

A couple more cabbage cages.

I always need more cabbage cages. These are for all the brassica and other vegetables that the wildlife love to eat. It protects these plants from moose, elk, deer, wild boar, hares and even butterflies and moths.

The cabbage butterflies lay their eggs on the cabbage leaves whereupon the larvae feed, leaving only skeletons of cabbage. I gave up growing any kind of brassica for many years until I came up with this idea. I also use bacillus thuringiensis for the few that squeeze in.


This is the protected part of the garden. It’s fenced in, and has a number of cabbage cages. The fencing is to keep the deer and rabbits out and the cages are to keep the cabbage butterflies from laying eggs on the cabbages. The white garden fleece is there to protect the young plants from the leaf beetle (psylliodes chalcomerus).

For many years I had given up on growing anything in the cabbage family because if the leaf beetles didn’t kill the young plants, the larve of the cabbage butterfly would nearly completely devour the plants leaving only skeletons until I came upon the idea of making cages with chicken wire that keep almost all the butterflies out.