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Perfect weather and timing to plant the cabbage family.

They get a good watering and then are covered to shade and keep the bugs out. It’s often a surprise when I take off the covering to weed, till and water. After which I may have to cut a new bigger hole-free piece of garden fleece to cover them over again.

I harvested my early cabbage (I should have done it even earlier because some had gone bad already).

I bought some more ecological cabbage to make a big batch of sauerkraut (which I sould have made earlier too).

This should last a while.

Another winter/spring job is to repair old plant protection cages,

and make new ones,

to protect plants like lettuce and cabbage from deer and rabbits.

The weather is cold again, so I picked all the decent cabbage and made a big batch of sauerkraut.

I probably need a few very small vegetable cages too.

Big enough for 1 large lettuce or 1 small cabbage.

Various cabbage greens gathered from the winter garden for our Christmas dinner.

Brussel sprouts, green and black kale, broccoli, chinese cabbage and some regular old young cabbage.

Now for some pickled cabbage.   

Clean and shredd and add 1.5% salt 

Mash and pack into jars and let ferment at least a month 

13 kilos of soon to be sauerkraut spiced with garlic and juniper berries 

It’s that easy! 

A city park in Luleå. 


Vegetables near the polar circle! Amazing! I wish my garden was this nice. They probably start the plants really early indoors, plant out under fleece, and use a lot of chemicals. There are of course, a lot less bugs up here, and a lot more midnight sun. 


The forth crop circle (the caged garden) is the last area that needs some digging and turning over to be done. But there are vegetables still growing there.

Onions and red beets

Swiss chard


Red swiss chard

Green cale

Black cale

A little more harvesting, and then I’ll finish digging for this year. The cales last longest and should last until Christmas, so that area will get finished in the spring.

Last week, before the so called blizzard, I picked the last winter cabbage from this garden for this year.

They would have probably been twice as big if it hadn’t been for the drought all summer. Nice and bug free anyway. And fine for making a batch of sauerkraut.

5 kilos of cabbage fit snugly into 2 x 3 liter jars.

There are a lot of the green leaves this time and lots of stems. It should turn out more crunchy than usual.