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Another winter/spring job is to repair old plant protection cages,

and make new ones,

to protect plants like lettuce and cabbage from deer and rabbits.

A new cage for the garden to cover cabbages and other plants.  
I now have many of these cages in all different sizes, to keep the rabbits and deer from getting at and eating my vegetables. This one is smaller and easier to move around. I plan to make 3 more this winter. 

Notice, all the snow is gone. The american storm came with warm winds and rain. I hope it soon gets cold and snowy again. 

A new cabbage cage is done and placed over a row of young yew for winter protection in case deer get the idea they want to rub their horns on the fragrant evergreens. It’s happened before.

In the summer the cage will go over a bed of brassica. It has a loose removable top making it easier to trim the plants inside, harvest and weed.