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We got another crop circle tilled and 3 more raised beds made in the caged garden. They are sown with beets and chard here where they are protected from the dear and rabbits that love them. 


The portal to the caged garden is now finished. It finally got a coat of Falu red paint.


Complete with votive torii from The Fushimi Inari Shinto Temple near Kyoto.


The boys put up the hop pole that was taken down for the winter.

The caged garden also got a covering of compost and black dirt and has been rototilled. I managed to make and sow a raised bed of colored swiss chard, onions, parsley and beets in this protected area before it starts raining tonight.


It has been very windy lately and the ground is drying up fast, so I’m now getting busy with my next building project – a portal to the caged garden.

Actually, I started last fall digging and laying foundation blocks before the ground got all too waterlogged.

The flimsy gate of sheep net in place now will be replaced with a roofed-over, wide entrance that can be used as a rest area, encouraging more time to be spent there and thus more work to be done.

I am hoping to put on a sod roof, but I’ll have to wait and see if the beams are strong enough to hold up wet sod for many years. It will be an open structure, with a wind break to the west for protection from sun and wind, a closet where I can keep tools and stuff dry and of course a table and bench for midday ficka (snacks/lunch) and siestas.