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Another good winter activity. I never seem to have enough of these cages. 

They are for protecting favorite berries and vegetables from rabbits, deer, birds and even cabbage butterflies. Without them I would probably never get any strawberries, lettuce, brassica, chard or beets. 

One crop circle is finished. The caged garden with a fence around it has all the raised beds made and filled with seeds and plants. Plants that deer and rabbits like – brassicas, chards, beets, leeks etc. 

The brassicas are covered to keep the flea beetles away. 

We got another crop circle tilled and 3 more raised beds made in the caged garden. They are sown with beets and chard here where they are protected from the dear and rabbits that love them. 


While the winter is still in the process of ending here in Sweden, I can reminisce about my two weeks in Seattle. It was spring, the early flowers where in full bloom, and because of the coastal climate, many vegetables can thrive all winter.

Curbside Gardening

Waking early due to jet lag, I took many long walks veiwing front yards and curbside gardens etc, getting more
and more enthused by the mini vegetable gardens.




And flowers

Notice the rosmary bush under the magnolia in the picture above. There seems to be more and more edibles in the front yards and curbside gardens than before.

Peas already coming up.

This kale was bundled up for the winter – probably unnecessarily. I also saw plenty of chard, broccoli, parsley etc that seemed to have weathered the winter very nicely.

Back in Sweden we have about 4 or 5 months of non growing season, when we have to rely on our root cellar, pickles, preserves and store bought, imported ‘fresh’ vegetables.