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One of the customers that insisted on my bringing wild cherries to the market didn’t come to get their liter. So much the better – we made some more cherry juice out of them.

This is the easiest way to use them.
– clean away all the scrap,
– boil in a little water,
– mash with a potato masher
– pour into a cheese cloth
– we let drip all night
– bring drippings to a boil
– add sweetener and mix
– let cool
– use, or
– put into plastic bottles
– and into the freezer for later use

This makes a concentrated juice that can be used as a flavoring or a drink (diluted with water). Nice, because you don’t have to pit the cherries. This method can be used with any kind of cherry or other fruit. Wild prunes and sloe make excellent juice.

At another place on this farm, once upon a time, there was a thorp. Someone at this thorp planted a cherry tree. The thorp is now gone, but the cherry tree has spread seedlings all over the hill, and this year seems to be a good year for cherries.

Actually we call these fågelbär (birdberries). They are quite small but sweet. They also have a sour, slightly bitter cherry flavor.

One of my customers insisted on buying a couple of liters so he could make a cherry liqueur with vodka and sugar. In the drizzle this morning I picked his cherries and also pulled up three seedlings to plant into the garden. These wild cherries are so good that I have to have some close at hand.

Last week my son made the best cherry pie I’ve had since I was a kid with them.