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When we got home from our trip to Järna I just had to try a new recipe I got from a fermentation enthusiast I met at the market (actually it was Brigid at Nibblegård). It was lactic acid fermented cucumbers, but with an interesting twist.

The ingredients are; white cucumbers, onions, garlic, sweet peppers, chili peppers, tumeric, black pepper corns, salt and water.

The twist is the tumeric which should give the cucumbers an orange color and a new flavor. My proportions may be way off, so I expect I’ll have to do some more experimenting in the future.

I picked some savoy cabbages to make some kimchi. They looked pretty bad because of all the pests eating away at them. It seamed like there wouldn’t be much kimchi, but after cleaning them, I found a lot that I could use. 

So along with the other ingredients, I made some. Most of the ingredients were from my garden, but I did have to buy some daikon radish and ginger. 

And it turned out to be quite a big batch. 

The tomatoes are in their pots, but I have a little more space to fill, so I think I’ll buy 7 more and a couple more peppers or chilis. 

And now some kimchi.

There’s a lot of stuff in kimchi. 
Mine is based on savoy cabbage ‘sauerkraut’   

I make it mild, but the 2 small jars have some extra red chili peppers.  

This last week of lactic pickling should give me enough to carry me well into the summer markets. 

We are frantically preparing for the third annual music party in the garden TODAY at 1500.

Last minute weeding


Roofs going up


Decorations being prepared


The event statue will be raised


Flea market filled


Last night I prepaired three large batches of chili sans carne. There will be lots more food to sell also.

Food tent is almost ready


David Erikssons fantastic sound system is being put into place.


The outhouse over in the corner


Before the storm