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Today has been a good example of the so called typical weather of April. This morning was sunny and relatively warm. We changed from winter to summer tires on the car. At lunch time dark cloads came in from the north, and it started snowing. It didn’t stick, so we decided to take an excursion to the local bird sanctuary – Hjälsta Viken. On the way the car nearly got stuck in the accumulated snow on a shady, high point in the road. We did get through of course.

There, on a sunny slope we found our favorite sign of spring.

A group of blue liverwort – blåsippa (Anemone hepatica syn. Hepatica nobilis) – and a white one too.

Then we took a walk across the old lake that is becoming a swamp loved by birds and bird watchers alike.






There were not many birds to see for all the ice and snow, but with the intermittent warm and cold, sunshine and snow, light and dark it’s been a dramatic day, and it looks like it will keep up through the night.

It’s one of those very, very grey days of winter.

The cloud cover is heavy, it is 0 degrees C and there is a touch of rain mixed with snow. Not good for skiing today, but the past week has been great.

In fact, one day I was able to sneak ski through the woods to overlook the bean field, and sure enough, there were 2 moose and seven deer, not carelessly munching away at the beans, but motionlessly looking in my direction. They were quite sure they had heard a two legged being – the most dangerous creature on this planet. We stood for a long time just looking at each other, but when I moved to get closer they all ran off.