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Evidently the word has gotten out that Djurby Farm has the best clover around. It is ecological after all.
A few days ago there were 3 swans, yesterday there were 11 plus 2 deer grazing. Now today there were over 40 white swans.

The clover is sown into the stubble of the harvested grain as a green fertilizer.

Lots to dig now – potatoes, carrots, black radish, leeks, as well as turning the dirt over for winter, so my eyes are invariably turned down as if looking for buried treasure. Occasionally I’m reminded to look up and view the birds flying over toward the south or sitting among the sunflowers eating seeds.

This one somehow survived the frosty weather. The birds love my sunflowers.

The mallows and a few other flowers are doing fine too. This purple mallow sways above my head as I dig around it. I try to leave the sunflowers and a few other flowers for the birds for the winter.

We are supposed to get heavy frost the next few nights. We’ll see what survives this time.