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But the days are warm. I’ve taken the 4 trays of brassica and lactuca outside in the sun, because the seeds were starting to sprout and I didn’t want the young tender plants to run away on me and become long gangly plants that would blow to pieces in the first wind when planted out in may.  

They are in a temporary cold frame in the gothic greenhouse construction now where it’s a little warmer.  

But I have to remember to to put extra plastic over them at night.   

This little whatever-it-is needs a new window.

One is whole but needs some repair, the other has a plastic sheet that has blown loose, and there is a third, reserve window that is only an empty frame, so I bought two sheets of glass cut to size.

First I have to clean and scrape the two frames.

Then put the glass panes in place and secure them with brads and putty. While I’m at it, I might as well fix up the one good window, the frame and probably move it to a new location near by. Where it is now, the ground is infested with some insidious root weeds and I’ve decided to use that place for other activity.

And what is it? It’s too little to be called a greenhouse and too raised up to be a cold frame. Whatever! My plants growing in the cellar need it soon for the sun, warmth and protection from the wind and cold nights.