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Fantastic weather for skiing.  

Not really enough snow yet, and very cold, but I got out my battered but favorite birch skis a few days ago and have been skiing the last three days.  


The snow that came earlier went with the last thaw, but now it’s cold and snowing again.  

It is looking good for skiing, but I have a bit of a cold, so I’ll wait indoors for a day or 2 more.  


Greetings from the last cold and frosty days of 2014.


It is already good ice for skating and almost enough snow for skiing.

Today we take the annual excursion out into winter nature.



It’s been quite cold awhile now – minus 13 centigrade today. Not very good for carpentry or much of anything else outside, but it is perfect weather for skiing.

I put on my cross country skis and took off to the neighboring farm. To the hills and fields where the deer and the elk play. Where seldom is heard a disparaging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.

I didn’t see a single person, but two deer leaping and bounding across the fields and over the barbwire fences, and also an eagle gliding and swooping above looking for smaller animals.

This morning the air was humid with no wind, resulting in a thick coating of rimfrost on everything.


Winter has definitely arrived. It was minus 18 degrees centigrade this morning. I’m very glad I got all my digging done in time. Now the garden will go into a rest period until the weather warms up again in march/april next year.

My next main winter project will be to make a couple of cabage protection cages and to make a large batch of lactic pickled carrots. More on that later.