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Freezing nights in spring are not abnormal, but the last few years we have gotten used to warmer weather. This year it’s back to normal with freezing nights in the beginning of June. We got a cold one last night, and I covered the newly planted cucurbits in the pumpkin patch and beds of sensitives in the other crop circles.  It didn’t quite freeze, but I’m not taking any chances. 

I’m leaving it on, because it’s supposed to get cold again tonight. 

This year I’ve been doing a little more covering. The plants that have been pregrown indoors and then planted outside into the garden when the risk for night frost is over are often at a risk because of weather and vermin.

A bed of brassicas covered with garden fleece and a chicken wire cage. The fleece is to keep the jord loppor (earth fleas – a kind of tiny hopping beetle that will devour young brassicas if left alone) to a minimum. The wire cage is to keep the hares and deer out.

A new addition is the plant trays that I am now experimenting with. These give shade and protection from the wind and sun that can be devastating to newly planted squashes and the like.

After a few days under cover.

Two squashes that didn’t get a covering.

If there are a few plants that are extra important, this seems to help get them through a dry, sunny, windy spell. And also if there is a late frost.

Now It’s raining in the garden, and I’m happy. And it’s time to make a new batch of sauerkraut.

Not really inspired by Christo, I cover my incomplete greenhouse walls with boards, rugs and plastic tarps to keep them dry and warm for the winter.

The fresh cement does not fare well in the oscillating damp and freezing weather of the swedish winter, so this covering is neccessary. After every storm I have to check the damage to the tarps and reinforce them. In the spring I’ll open it up and start working on it again.

Some may think this is art too.