There were still many cucumbers left after making the last batch of pickles, and many more are growing in the garden, so I decided to put to use one of my old Harsch pickling crocks that I have previously made miso in.

Just do as usual:
– clean cukes
– punch holes in them
– put dill and garlic in crock
– cukes in
– put in some mustard seeds
– cover with weights
– cover with salt water (3% salt)
– put water in waterlock
– put on lid

As you can see, the lip of the crock is formed as a V to put water in and then the lid. This makes a waterlock – air cannot get in and excess gasses can bubble out.

These are great for making all kinds of pickles, sauerkraut and even miso. They are also large and cumbersome – hard to move around and don’t fit very well in a refrigerator. They also tend to make too much – a lot of pickles to eat, sell or otherwise get rid of.