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Yesterday I made a batch of herb miso, then went out and started making my raised bed spiral in the first crop circle that I had tilled the evening before.  

 I made 9 beds. Some are still empty, but I put in some potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, dill and parsley. Much more to come. 

We finally got a covering of snow – blue in the light of the low sun, or is it a camera effect?   

Deer tracks to the compost.  

And it is suposed to stay cold for the next 10 days.  

I finished digging the fifth and last crop circle yesterday. 
With a smattering of leaves it’s ready for winter. Now I’m all done digging for this season, unless the weather gets warm again and I start a new digging project. 

Another crop circle turned over – thanks to the good weather.  

 All done except for the perennials.   
Now only the last part of the caged garden is left to do.  

Another crop circle is turned over and ready for the cold weather of winter to break up the structure of the clods of clay into fine loamlike vegetable soil. 


In one of the pie slices of crop circle nr 1 I’m trying to make my own black earth. Each year in the fall I buy some bags of charcoal, infuse them with nitrogen rich liquid (urine, old milk and such) and then spread it out on the same section of dirt after harvesting and turning it over. 

I treat this section like the rest of the circle but with less compost and other additives. I want to see if it really makes any difference. So far, after 4 years, none noticeable. 

I’ve finished digging the first crop circle (except for a couple beds of hardy brassicas and leaks). With a sprinkling of leaves it is ready for winter.  

This is nearly two weeks earlier than usual and better done, with regards to the edging and weeding. 

While the stone work is at a standstill because of the freezing nights, it’s been perfect weather for harvesting, cleaning out and turning over the soil. 

This crop circle is soon done and will be the pumpkin patch next summer. 

The stonewall is bedded in, waiting for warmer weather. If it doesn’t warm up, I’ll cover it over permenently for winter. Last year I did stone work until the end of October.   


The fourth crop circle is done now (with space for later vegies). 

Spring planting and sowing is completed, and now it’s time for transition into summer – a few days of solstice partying – then summer jobs such as weeding, mulching and watering. And building, like continuing with the everlasting stonework on the gothic greenhouse.  

A few frosty days, a tiny bit of snow, a little more digging and I’m done with the forth crop circle (leaving some hardy vegetables).

Now I can rest for the winter, but if this warm winter weather keeps up, can always dig more, like dig post holes for the ‘Sunset Pavilion’ at crop circle 3.