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Next summers garlic is in the ground now.  

The students put this in a week ago.   
It’s been wet and mucky, but the herb circle has it’s garlic now too. 


It’s impossible to make raised beds in this mucky clay this time of year, but we have to have a lot of garlic, so I do what I can just to get them in. 

The next crop circle is almost ready for winter.  

Autumn work is going fast this year. Digging is easy. It’s dry (the watertable is low for this time of year).

I take plenty of rest while digging.  

Next year the rest shelter should be done. 

We got about 50 mm of rain the last 24 hours. 



The clay soil holds water very well, and was already very saturated. Everywhere is really soggy. The drainage is not fast/good enough. The ditches around the crop circles are full, the pool in the middle is filling up, and it’s still raining. 

The third crop circle is tilled, bedded, sown and planted, except for a couple of beds saved for later lettuce. 


The fourth and last one is almost done too (it’s larger). I may be finished with this stage of the gardening by midsommar (solstice) this year. 

The third crop circle is harvested, cleaned out, dug, turned over and leaved.

There is one more crop circle that needs some digging, tarps to go up and leaves to rake before everything freezes.

We are expecting more warm weather for the next 10 days, so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting the garden fully winterized, plus a little extra.

It’s warm, windy, the sun is shining almost all night and there is a promise of a little rain for this evening. Perfect for the Summer Solstice Celebration.

A picture from last year.

I always try to get all four crop circles filled out by solstice, and this year I succeeded. Yesterday I planted out all the remaining plants and seeds, leaving a couple of beds empty for a later crop of lettuces. Most of the first weeding is done too. Last year I was later by more than a week.

Now I can feel relaxed for a couple days of partying.

The first vegetable beds of this new growing season have been prepared and sown.

The two raised beds in the center are reserved for flowers to be planted in later. The next four beds have onion sets with carrots, beets with celantro and dill, parsnips with spinich and swiss chard and then finally a bed of potatoes. The tilth was fantastic.

Now that the compost has been distributed to all the crop circles and tilled in, it’s time to start a new one. There is so much refuse to use.


Today is the occurrence of probably the most famous winter solstice in our lifetimes. The Mayans have seen to that. To me it’s just another day but also the gardeners real New Years Day.

At 11.11 UTC the sun will be at it’s lowest point in the northern hemisphere sky and the northern earth will start tilting back toward the sun again. Even tho it will continue to get colder for a while, the sun will be up longer and longer each day gradually warming the garden for yet another season.

As an illustration of the cyclic/spiralic nature of gardening, here’s a screenshot from google earth. It was taken sometime around March 2012 when the garden is still grey with no crops. The top is towards the north.

Timo Garden as seen from outer space.

It’s too bad snow covers the garden now so that UFOs can’t see it. Nothing like a mayan space ship for garden art.