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I made this jar of cucumber pickles last week. I didn’t notice that the rubber sealing ring broke, a lot of air flowed in and within a week the the mold grew profusely into a fluffy covering. If it had been a tiny bit of mold I could take it off, put on a new rubber ring and let it continue fermenting, but this is too much, and out to the compost it goes. My compost will love it!


Most likely, today will be the last market day of this year, but if the weather appears to be irresistably nice one of the following saturdays, I might pack up some pickles and take a load of pumpkins to Fyristorg in Uppsala again before the really cold weather sets in in January.

Along with the old standby market lunch – swedish coffee and pickle sandwiches. The one on the left is finnish sourdough rye bread with dark tahini and kimchi and on the right the same with pickled carrots.