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We would rather stay, but it’s time now. We are preparing to go home again. We bought 2 large sport bags to get everything back with us. 

And what could be more appropriate then to visit the japanese/swedish folk dance group in Osaka. 

These folk dance enthusasts have been dancing together for 10 years now and are very good and made us look like the novices we are. So we had a great time danccing with them, learning many new dances and laughing at all the wrong turns. 

Doing the polska

Three of them are coming to Sweden next summer for a folk music and dance festival. Hope to see them again!

And then the clouds got heavy, it rained and became dark, and the party got going. 

Midsummer celebration here is on the first friday after summer solstice. 

We get together with neighbors, discuss the weather and stuff, picknick in the green and dance around the maypole. 

The weather is grey, but I’m glad for the rain this morning. Now off to the old timers party all night. 

Later this evening

The midsommar (solstice) weather was cold. It got down close to frost that night, so winter jackets were put to use for the night of revelry. The dance floor got initiated.

But, mostly we ate, sat around the fire and played and sang with extra gusto to keep ourselves warm.





With one week to go to the annual midsummer nights dance, the dance floor is finished. We are hosting this year.

There are a lot of splinters and rough edges that need to be worn down, so wear boots or clogs.

No bare feet or high heels!

All are welcome!

After the inspiring polska class at the folk music festival, I’ve become much more eager about expanding the garden dance floor. The foundation is strengthened with cement blocks, and the first two new sections are now done.

It is made mainly for dancing the polska, but will be great for dancing the snoa, hambo, schottis, polka, Jenka and even the minuet.

The philosophers chair is for clearing the mind while building – and dancing.

The floor is built in sections that can easily be taken apart for moving or storage, but I’m sure it will become permanent right where it is.

While the snow melts at home, we take a trip to the snow country – Västerbotten. It snowed all day yesterday and filled the garden where we stayed.

It was for the Ume Folk Music Festival we came. Folk music and dance.


At one of the classes we practiced the polska walk for two hours.

And just when we started getting into the polska spin, the class was over.


Most of the snow melted earlier in February, then it got cold again. So far it’s the coldest March I’ve ever experienced. As long as the sun is shining all day, the daylight grows longer and the stars are ever bright, it feels good. The snow covering is hard packed and frozen – perfect for long walks.

Or a dance. The dance floor is complete for this year, but it will need some trimming. And by the looks of it, it will need to be expanded with another ring. Something to do next winter.

It ‘folds up’ nicely.

I haven’t seen any wild boar yet, but there are solid reports of them being seen in the woods next to my garden. It’s only a matter of time before they find my space and start wreaking havoc. When that time comes…

I haven’t sown any seeds yet or even ordered a supply of new seeds for this season. The apple trees haven’t been pruned either, but there’s plenty of time. After all, it’s still winter. I never rush spring activities. Whenever I have, it hasn’t seemed to speed things up at all.

In fact we are taking vacation for a couple of weeks. We will be travelling to Seattle to see friends and relatives. I also hope to find some gardening or food processing places to gain inspiration from, take some pictures of and report on.

With all the snow, sleet, frost and thaw I haven’t gotten much done outside besides feeding the birds, shoveling snow and a bit of skiing. I did get another section of the dance floor done.

This comes apart easily into two sections. As my supply of junk lumber unfreezes and dries out, I will gradually add five more removable sections, and then with a little bit of trimming it will be ready for the premier dance sometime in the spring.

The fantastic ski weather is holding and should last a few days more.

Today I skied to the third farm over – Kromsta – where they have a farm store and bought a loaf of sourdough bread. Yesterday I saw three deer and today I scared up four plus a fox.

In spite of the cold weather I have been able to build the center module of the garden dance floor.

It was much harder than I thought it would be getting all the angles just right, especially in the cold. A small mistake in the middle gets really big further out. Now six more modules to go.