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This year I was lucky enough to get the grass cut before the dandelion invasion.

The grass was really thick and made nice easy to rake rows.

I got a good start on the mulch this year.

This is very opportune, because the weather is now very warm, windy and dry, with no rain in sight.

The neighbor boy cut the grass the other day. We raked up a few of the strings of grass cuttings to put over the rows of carrots and parsnips.

Carrots and parsnips take so long to germinate and get going. Often the beds dry out in the mean time. The wind has been so strong and steady that my watering amounts to almost nil. Even the mulch drys up and blows off. Hopefully it will rain tomorrow as predicted – or the air calm down a bit.

After siesta I raked up a bit more of the dry grass cuttings in the stiff breeze, covered the rest of the carrot rows and wetted it down to keep it in place.

One thing about mulch is, it seems I can never get enough of the good kind. Grass cuttings are the best, but we don’t have a grass catcher for the mower and nobody has the time or ork to rake up enough.

The worst thing is that there are millions of dandelions flowering this time of year, and I don’t want to spread more dandelion seeds than necessary in the crop circles, so I rake selectively.