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We have had a few glorious days of winter this last weekend.

You may notice that the deer have been pawing under the rose hedge. And they have made it a temporary sleeping place.

They seem to feel safe and secure close to us.

I slept in the garden shed last night.

And woke up to this. 

The reason (besides the fresh air and beautiful veiw) was that we discovered that the deer had been jumping over or forcing the fence in the protected garden. 

And eating chard

So, I fixed the fence 

And figured that I should try to give them a scare in the night. But I didn’t hear or see a thing. I slept very well!

Another good winter activity. I never seem to have enough of these cages. 

They are for protecting favorite berries and vegetables from rabbits, deer, birds and even cabbage butterflies. Without them I would probably never get any strawberries, lettuce, brassica, chard or beets. 

It’s nice to be home again. The garden looks good. 

9 days of new growth. 

But I could complain, the weeds have been growing even more so, the rabbits and deer have been feasting too, and my hay fever is worse than ever after the period of relief up north. 

But why complain!

We finally got a covering of snow – blue in the light of the low sun, or is it a camera effect?   

Deer tracks to the compost.  

And it is suposed to stay cold for the next 10 days.  

I’m fixing some fences. The thuyas have grown out of their chicken wire wrapings.


And something needs to be done to stop the deer from rubbing their horns on them and ruining these shrubs.



I’ll put sheep fencing around them instead. 



It will expand better, look nicer and be easier to take away for grass mowing and such.  

This fence needs some repair and improvement too. 


The wild swine haven’t come into the garden yet, but when they do I suppose I’ll have to put up electric fence around the whole area. But not until I must!

The sun shone a wee bit yesterday, but it also snowed alot. I was snugg in my tarped-in back porch finishing a couple more cabbage cages.

These are smaller – easier to move around to protect smaller vegatable beds from wildlife. And the smaller units fit better into the curved space of my crop circles.

The deer sure do like my compost in progress.

All winter I deposit bucket loads of kitchen scrap and other biodegradables on a compost that has been started in the fall. The deer, birds and other animals get into it for an extra snack. Hopefully the wild swine won’t find it and wreak havoc. In the spring it will be cleaned up and layered with manure, leaves and other good compost stuff.

Runoff from the hill, rain and snow melt has formed a small lake on the edge of the garden.

The main trail for the deer through the garden.

There will be no more skiing for a while.


It has been warm and rainy, and the snow has been melting and refreezing. I discovered this morning that there was still enough snow for skiing and cold enough too.

Along with the deer (trying to get into the caged garden).

I’ve also started building the framework for the next garden shed.