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For the last several days it’s been below freezing, and it looks like it’s going the stay cold for the rest of winter.

I’m not quite done with the garden digging, but I’ll have to call it quits now. I lost ten days travelling to Japan and have almost gotten caught up, so I’m satisfied.

I even got all the raking done, leaf coverings on all the dug up areas, hedge trees planted and another bed of garlic in before the ground got frozen hard. This year it’s later than usual but more done.

Now all I need is a bunch of snow for skiing.

There’s a lot left to dig (turn over) for the winter. 

And inspite of the snow, I’m still at it. 

I’ll probably be at it until Christmas or even after, if the weather stays conducive. 

However, if I have to leave one crop circle (next years pumpkin patch) undug, that’s allright too. After 10 years of working this heavy clay soil, it’s getting some very good tilth, and the rooty weeds seem to be pretty much under control – my main objectives with the digging – besides the great physical wookout. 

Now we are home again with a little jet lag and a couple grey days left of november. It’s cold, rainy, dark and dismal, but it feels good. 

And there’s a lot left to do before winter sets in. 

The kids have raked the rest of the leaves to take to compost.

And there’s quite a bit of clean up and digging left to do. 

Digging dirt and rolling stones does wonders for the lazy winter body – straightening back pains and juicing up arthritis hands. 

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. 

A little bit of snow again. 

But so far, winter has been warm and mucky with short periods of cold and snow. I planted garlic a while ago and it is coming up already. I also made a couple of rows for more, so I put it in today. The last chance. 

It is also unseasonably good for turning the dirt over, so I finally finished that job too (the latest ever). 

The first day after the snowfall was  perfect for skiing then it got a bit too warm. 

Most of the refrozen snow is still left, but it is better weather for digging.

This crop circle doesn’t really need the turning over, but I can’t help myself. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to get a good workout!

I finished digging the fifth and last crop circle yesterday. 
With a smattering of leaves it’s ready for winter. Now I’m all done digging for this season, unless the weather gets warm again and I start a new digging project. 

Another crop circle turned over – thanks to the good weather.  

 All done except for the perennials.   
Now only the last part of the caged garden is left to do.  

I love the snow, even tho I still have a bit of digging and raking to do. Right now I’m digging in the muck, so a layer of snow or frost would be nice. This will undoubtedly melt. Next week is supposed to be colder, and I may get a layer of frost. 

The next crop circle is almost ready for winter.  

Autumn work is going fast this year. Digging is easy. It’s dry (the watertable is low for this time of year).

I take plenty of rest while digging.  

Next year the rest shelter should be done.