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As if I didn’t have enough digging to do, I dig a pool by hand, or should I say by foot.

I started this project about 10 years ago, but since we have gotten an unlimited supply of farm water we don’t really need it for that, so it’s been at a stand still for a few years. Now with plenty of time on hand, I am back into it again. More as a landscape feature (garden art) now.

The spiral down-ramp is taking form, but there is quite a bit more to do.

The dirt mound grows.

When the digging is done, the mound will be shaped and planted with grass.

The compost pile has been sitting around fermenting for about 2 years now, 

and the vegetable dirt needs some nourishing. 

I’m sure I can get this ready next week. 

Dig out some more of the dirt, put in weed control liner, and fill with a best quality dirt mix, then starter trays filled with seeds and growing plants. 

Dirt makes me happy (altho it may not look like that).

Itching to get dirty

But it’s way too early


The ground is just right – warming up and drying out. The compost is spread and most of the weed roots are dug out. It’s going to rain tonight and later in the week, so it’s a good time to till, make some raised beds and sow some seeds and set some potatoes, even tho it is still a bit early. 

Someday I’ll write an essay about why I dig so much. The main reason is that it is so good for the tilth of the clay soil here. Another is that I like work, and I like dirt.

The pumpkin patch is done already.


It was muddy and impossible to make raised beds but most of the garlic is in.

The dirt pile mound grows higher.

The pool/well gets deeper.

And there’s lots of new dirt fermenting.


While slowly and carefully digging potatoes, trying hard not to damage them, I had a good look at the dirt yesterday.

Altho it is dry the dirt is still retaining a bit of moisture. It is penetrated with thousands of roots and worm tunnels, and infused with coarse compost, twigs, pebbles, sand, seeds, eggs and worm castings, not to mention all the unseen bacteria, fungi, protozoa and such. It couldn’t be much better.

Nice tilth too!

The early potatoes have been ready for harvest for over a month, and we have been digging them up fresh when needed. Now it is time for a more concerted effort while the dirt is fairly dry. I dug up a couple of rows today starting with a potato called Timo.

Timo is a finnish sort. It is good in many ways, but not superb by any means. I like it mostly because it has a nice name.

We also have a french type called Cherie.

They are also very good potatoes, and I like the color.

Then we have a third sort called King Edward.

It is a much later variety and is still growing like crazy.

Last year we were standing in mud for most of the potato harvest, and it got muddier the longer we waited. It is so nice this year to dig potatoes, carrots and other roots in this beautiful summer/fall weather we are having so far.

A dirt mound, piled high with diggings from the well pond, tree and bush holes, weedings, etc, complete with feelers of last years self sown hollyhocks rising into the sky.

Sometime in the future, when the garden stablizes and there is less digging and landscaping going on, this mound will be a bit bigger. It will be shaped and sloped and covered with grass. Perhaps the future gardener will carry on a tradition of growing two hollyhocks on it every year.