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It is however starting to warm up!

But not time yet to put out the tomatoes.

It is time to start hanging out the laundry tho.

Here’s a video from YouTuber Jonna Jinton

She lives a bit further north.


This weeks fermenting. 

A couple of pictures of the garden at midnight.

Snow in the air, but soon spring will be here. 


Nothing like a little bit of snow for equinox which took place at 04:30 this morning. Snow has been a rarity this winter.   


The earth is standing straight up in relation to the sun just about now, and soon the top will start tipping toward the sun bringing on spring and summer. 

Choo hoo!


This past week has been intense with heavenly events – warm summer like weather, a great show of aurora borealis, a partial eclipse today, it ‘s been snowing all day and now the equinox! 

What next?

I took some pictures last week of the garden in full bloom.



Then came the Wik Castle Harvest Market. This year was the best ever with great weather, lots of people and record sales.

Then yesterday was the first fall storm that blew down most of the sweet corn and sunflowers.


A haystack fell.

The tipi had to be rescued before it blew away.

Now tonight it is supposed to get below freezing, so if it isn’t blowing too much I’ll try to cover some of the pumpkin patch with light tarps so they can continue growing and ripening for perhaps a few more weeks. And tomorrow stand the sunflowers and corn up again with supports.



As the fall equinox infolds we spent the day at the harvest market at Wik Castle.

The weather was nice and the sales very good. There was lots and lots of handicrafts, prepared foods, fruit and vegetables and more.

I bought a japanese waltnut tree seedling from this guy.

It wasn’t hard for him to convice me that the walnuts from this tree would probably be very much like the black walnuts I ate as a kid. We’ll see in about 20 years.