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The third fermentation festival took place on saturday as usual in Uddebo. It was the best one ever.

This year I did 2 demonstrations – kimchi and miso. I was so busy I forgot to take some good pictures, only a few lousy ones. 

Like this presentation of infamous fermentations. 

Or this of Edvard Rödseth talking about beer making. 

Luckily Emma Persson got some very good pictures of my demonstration on kimchi making. 

And miso making. 

The second fermentation festival was better than ever.

It was great!

There was a workshop on Polish kvass and borscht. 

Another workshop on the Indian fermentations idli and dosa.

Of course one on tempeh making (in the new tempeh shop they are setting up in Uddebo).

And me showing how to make homemade miso. (Thanks Markus Särhagen for the photo)

There was even a kids workshop – playing with fermentation.

A market place where we could sell our stuff. I sold a surprising lot of koji and 4 kinds of miso and even koji starter. 

And much much more that I didn’t get pictures of, like my talk about koji and miso, and the grand finale – the fermented foods banquet in the evening with poetry and music. 

Levande Kultur – Living Culture. 

For the second year!

Last year I was there, and it was great. I gave a talk and presentation about Miso and Koji, and this year I will be there once again, of course. 


Getting ready to go. I cooked soybeans last night and packaged various kinds of miso and koji and gathered all the rest of the stuff I need.

Now, I’m on the first part of the trip and hope the trains and buses all keep to the planned schedule.