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We are now busy getting everything in order for the Big Garden Party festival. Weeding, watering, cleaning, baking, buying stuff, planning and putting into action all the crazy ideas for a fun time this coming saturday 22 july. 

Everyone we know and/or know us are welcome!!!!

Fermentation Festival III

The trains and busses functioned like clockwork and got me here in time. The festival is now in full swing.  




Francois making cashew cheeze with miso as ferment.   

The organisers  
I’ve sold all the koji and miso I was able to bring, and made alot of new contacts and friends. Now I wait for my time slot to give a workshop on home miso making. It is truely exhilerating to be among so many fermentation enthusiasts. 

There’s going to be a fermtation festival this coming saturday (5 september 2015), and I’m invited to give a workshop on miso making, so I won’t be at the Fyris Torg farmers market as usual. 

It will be in west Sweden in the town of Uddebo near Borås. The festival will be about all kinds of fetmented foods, how to make them, samples, sales and a fermented food potluck dinner.


Here’s a link to more information about the festival and how to register if you want to go:

While the snow melts at home, we take a trip to the snow country – Västerbotten. It snowed all day yesterday and filled the garden where we stayed.

It was for the Ume Folk Music Festival we came. Folk music and dance.


At one of the classes we practiced the polska walk for two hours.

And just when we started getting into the polska spin, the class was over.