The center for the first section of the dance floor.

I’ve now started building the dance floor that will go in the middle of the garden in front of the stage we built last summer. Everybody seems to want the summer music festival to become an annual event, and I want to get back into folk dancing, so I’ve been planning a little dance floor for years.

It will be made in sections that can be easily taken apart and moved or stored away. The center section will be in the shape of a hexagon with a ring of trapezoids around. We can make the floor bigger by adding more rings around it later.

It won’t be very accurate carpentry, as usual, but more along the lines of a wooden barn floor – barn dance rather than ballet. Bring your clogs or boots.

My favorite dance is the traditional swedish polska to fiddle music. It’s a kind of laid back drag foot waltz. There are many musicians around here that play that kind of music, so I think we can get a few dance sessions going this summer.