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Vicia faba or field beans (åkerbönor in swedish) make an excelent miso. I made a test batch 2 years ago which we opened recently. The flavor is great, as well as the color, but the consistancy is a bit runny, making it more like a soy sauce.

Fava beans are rich in protien almost comparable to soy, but that’s not important, it’s the umame flavor mix that is the most important thing with miso and soy sauce, and fava miso does it.

Over the coming years I’ll be making a lot more, adjusting the recipe to make it more like a proper miso – things like cooking time, grinding and the mix of ingredients.

I made a new fava miso yesterday using rye koji. I cooked the beans only 45 minutes which is quite an improvement over the 4 hours for soybeans. This time I’m using rye koji making this more of a local product. I also tried to grind it more in order to break the rye koji into smaller pieces. Further it seems like the cooking liquid may have been too much, but after the rye soaked in, it appears the consistancy might be alright.

Now to wait 2 years to see how it turns out.

We had a very unusual wildlife experience early this morning. From our kitchen window we saw four moose emerge from the forest and trot from thicket to thicket across the fields to the forest on the other side. On closer look, we could see that one was a small elk buck. He seemed to have gotten mixed up with the wrong family.

It is unusual to see moose at all and very unusual to see elk in broad daylight. This year Farmer Eriksson had left a couple fields of broad beans unharvested because of the rainy weather in the fall. This attracts deer, elk and moose from the whole area. Eriksson has seen as many as nine moose, four elk and more than 20 deer there at one time. Another neighbor had six moose in their front yard one evening when they came home late. I didn’t see any when I skied by the beans the other day. It’s too bad I couldn’t get a good picture this morning.

It’s a very good year for elk and moose watching.