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It’s Mothers Day proper, the sun is shining and there is an abundance cake and coffee (fika).

The Pääjärvi homestead comes to life once a year the first weekend in July when the Pajala Market takes place. Many family members from all over Sweden gather for an informal reunion.

Tents in the garden behind the house which is full.

Always lots of fika – coffee, cakes and food – pour out of the house.

The water heater and sauna in the garden is always fired up, hot and ready.

The weather was perfect this year, including wind to blow the mosquitos away.

The garden takes up the overflow when the house isn’t big enough and the weather is good. Actually the weather doesn’t really matter.

Outside anyway!!

Fika time!

There is a very important and well used word in swedish – FIKA. It means coffee break. You stop every thing and have a cup of coffee or two along with the accessories. Swedish coffee is strong – about twice as strong as american coffee but half as strong as turkish.

Along with it you have pastries, or with sandwiches it makes a nice refreshing lunch. It may even be followed by a bit of reading and a nap. It keeps me from working too hard in the garden.

This is one of the main reasons why I moved to Sweden.

Here in my ‘bus stop’ I take my fika and view the maize and contemplate the pumpkin and sunflower growth.

I have about 5 sorts of sweet corn. The maize in the picture above is a tall sort that needs a longer growing season and may not ripen before the killer frost comes at any time now. We have had a tinge of frost a couple of mornings ago, but it seems not to have done any damage. The smaller sorts (below) ripen earlier, and we have been enjoying corn on the cob for nearly a month now.