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This morning I discovered some water gardens that I hadn’t seen before.

Just down the street from where our ryokan is, plastic buckets with tiny gold fish swimming in muddy water have some kind of small water lilys starting to stick up above the water level.

Later, another tiny water garden, green with algae, out side the door of an obscure bar, complete with gold fish.

I crossed the Horikawa creek channeled for control, aesthetics and recreation.


In the afternoon I wandered the moss gardens of Tenryoji Temple and found this fabulous carp pond.

The temple buildings hare burnt to the ground and been rebuilt many times, but the gardens have remained intact since they were layed out in the 13 hundreds.


Here’s a link to a film about a fantastic man and garden in Austria. He practices permaculture on a very grand scale using water works to form the landscape and gardens.

About a half hour long.