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The snow melted early this year and was gone. Normally the ground remains frozen and/or soggy after the spring melt, so drainage is very important this time of year and during rainy periods. When Farmer Eriksson turned over the field to me 6 years ago he landscaped the edges for better drainage. The rainy summer a couple of years ago convinced me that there is always need for more.

Run off from the hill at the far corner needed some diversion.

There once was a ditch here, but over the years it has become filled, overgrown and useless.

Digging out the old ditch is easy and good excercize too.

Unless it’s a big job that has to be done quickly, I’d rather do it by hand, because in my experience, a machine will leave more clean up and landscaping to do after it has left, leaving even more work that often gets neglected.

Most of the snow melted earlier in February, then it got cold again. So far it’s the coldest March I’ve ever experienced. As long as the sun is shining all day, the daylight grows longer and the stars are ever bright, it feels good. The snow covering is hard packed and frozen – perfect for long walks.

Or a dance. The dance floor is complete for this year, but it will need some trimming. And by the looks of it, it will need to be expanded with another ring. Something to do next winter.

It ‘folds up’ nicely.

I haven’t seen any wild boar yet, but there are solid reports of them being seen in the woods next to my garden. It’s only a matter of time before they find my space and start wreaking havoc. When that time comes…

I haven’t sown any seeds yet or even ordered a supply of new seeds for this season. The apple trees haven’t been pruned either, but there’s plenty of time. After all, it’s still winter. I never rush spring activities. Whenever I have, it hasn’t seemed to speed things up at all.

In fact we are taking vacation for a couple of weeks. We will be travelling to Seattle to see friends and relatives. I also hope to find some gardening or food processing places to gain inspiration from, take some pictures of and report on.