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The first advent saturday is special at the Fyristorg Market. We have some pumpkins left and fermented vegies, but the main attraction is the apple cakes and various kinds of pumpkin pies.

And others have all sorts of Christmas foods and goods.

Bright and early!

On our way to the market.

We haven’t been at the market for over 2 months now because of the virus precautions. Inspite of still present dangers we can’t wait any longer but are packaging pickles and miso and some early vegetables.

We are getting up early tomorrow morning (saturday) and will be at the Fyristorg Market from about 08:00 to 13:00.

Every Saturday I’m at Fyris Market in Uppsala.

Now is the high point of the season.

I’m back at Fyris Farmers Market after 3 weeks at other markets. It’s grey and drizzly, but it’s going pretty good. 

The biggest load this year. 

To the farmers market Fyris Torg in Uppsala. 


Preparing for the the first market of this year. 


There are a few old timers that come to the Fyris Farmers Market in Uppsala even through the winter selling potatoes, carrots, baked goods and other winter staples. 

I take a break during the coldest period. The weather has been quite warm and sunny this last week, so tomorrow will be the premier market day this year with a variety of pickles, miso and pumpkins. 

A very good load for the first farmers market this summer.

I found a surprisingly large amount of sales ready vegetables, flowers and fermented foods to take to the Saturday (today) Fyris Market in Uppsala.

Be there soon.

First market of this year.

For me anyway – the old timers have been here each week all winter.



I have quite a few pumpkins that are still very good, and lactic acid bacteria fermented vegetables and a one year rice miso.

Fyris Torg, Uppsala, today until about 1300. It’s cold but a beautiful day in the sun.