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First market of this year.

For me anyway – the old timers have been here each week all winter.



I have quite a few pumpkins that are still very good, and lactic acid bacteria fermented vegetables and a one year rice miso.

Fyris Torg, Uppsala, today until about 1300. It’s cold but a beautiful day in the sun.

Going to the farmers market in Uppsala today.

Getting ready.

Freshly cut in the early morning sun.

Blogging while driving? Never!

Spring miso making season has come to it’s end.

This is the grand total – 6 batches of miso. More than we’ve made for a long time. Some will be ready in the fall, some next spring, but most will be harvested in the spring of 2015. And there is koji left, so we can make a few more batches in the fall. Then we’ll need to make more koji during the winter.

This is a lot more than we will need, so most of it will go to the farmers market in Uppsala (Fyris Torg).

Now it’s time to concentrate on the garden.

I was going to go to the Farmers Market at Fyris Torg in Uppsala last week, but chickened out when the predictions said cold weather. It turned out being a beautiful day, so this week I had to make it definite. We packaged the goods last nite, I got up early this morning and padded my bones with some porridge topped with raw lingon mash and a cup of miso broth.

Loaded up with a thermos of coffee and pickle sandwiches, I took off.

On my table, here at the market now, I have a dwindling supply of sauerkraut, cucumber pickles, pickled carrots, 2 kinds of miso, hokkari and other pumpkins that have survived the winter in the food cellar.

This is the first market for me this year, but some old timers have been here almost every week all winter. Today the weather is beautiful and warm. Sales are slow and sporadic, enough so that I can stand here thumbing my iphone, and I’m having fun.