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All of a sudden there is lots and lots of vegies. 

And a good day at the market in Uppsala (fyristorg).

After a few tired days of straightening up after the wonderful big garden party, things are are getting back to normal – weeding, building and harvesting. Dispite the drought, everything is growing bonkers. I picked my first bucket of pickling cucumbers. 

All set for lactic fermentation. 

Now for a day of harvesting for the market (Fyristorg) tomorrow. 

The first time at Fyris market (Fyristorg Uppsala) this year. 

I have s lot of lactic fermented vegetables, but also some scraggly pumpkins and potted plants. 


On my way to the saturday farmers market at Fyristorg in Uppsala. 

No car today, I filled up my sturdy japanese bamboo rucksack to go to the Fyris Torg farmers market in Uppsala this morning. 


As I stepped out the door, a flock of whooping cranes flew low over my garden and landed in the adjacent field, reminding me that I had forgotten my camera phone. Alas, I didn’t get a good close picture.  

Waiting for the bus 

The basket holds quite a bit.  

Today will be the last time at Fyris Market in Uppsala this year.

There is still a little bit of scraggly kale, broccoli, leeks, scallions, swiss chard, pumpkins (several kinds), sauerkraut, sour carrots, dill pickles, and miso.


Next time will be in April after the blistery cold has past.

Back at Fyris Marknad. Today all the tables were already taken. I should have brought my own.


No market today as the whole square, as well as the rest of the city, is taken up with preparations for the annual culture day in Uppsala.

I did pick a few greens for the lokal farm store at Kromsta.


It’s an early foggy morning and we are almost ready to go to the market.


Lots of flowers


Lots of vegetables and lots of lactobacillus fermented vegetables and miso.

Fyristorg, Uppsala, today Saturday.

Fyris Torg, Uppsala

Sales are picking up now again as everyone returns from vacation and the students come back to university.