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The destination of our trip was Gunillaberg, an estate run by the danish floral artist Tage Andersen. The weather was a perfect mix of grey clouds, rain and even some sun. 

There are lots of animals of various old fashion species and races that keep the grass perfectly trimmed. 

A wild profusion of trees, bushes, shrubs, weeds and flowers


And gobs of garden art

For many people the high point might be a concert in the conservatory

Or one of Tages pastries in the outdoor cafe

Or a visit to the outhouse.


Some art left behind


Taking it easy again

Round things  
There is a lot of dead ash and elm trees on the farm. They are gradually being cut down for fire wood. I help a bit and get some good logs for sculpting. 

 And garden art ideas 


Yesterday we took a trip to Preston Washington, where among things, there was a fabulous stone company – Marenakos Rock Center.

There was a fantastic expo of stone building, stone art and garden art.  





I only wish I could take some home.

I went to an art exhibition in Enköping the other day – 8 young artists. There where a couple of objects fitting for a garden. 

Another rabbit to go along with all the other actual rabbits. 

 Joanna Brisegård

A fox made of porcelain shards probably wouldn’t frighten them away.  

 Joanna Brisegård

But a  mechanical bird might. I’m sure it could be rigged to flap by wind power. It would also have to be  made to be easily disasembled when wind storms come. 

Fredrik Eriksson

Like the storm that is supposed to hit us tomorrow – remnants of the giant storm that hit east cost US a few days ago. 

A few days ago we spent a rainy afternoon viewing the summer art exhibition at Rånäs Slott (Rånäs Castle).


Much of the art was in the park.   

These twig pods had microphones sending out animal sounds powered by solar cells and batteries and other electronics protected from the rain in boxes with glass covers. 


Lots of green vegetation, water, art and archetecture. Here, bows of morning glories over a canal.  


Some great ideas for garden art at the art galleries I visited while the garden is drying out. 

Matti Kallioinen 


Lisa Jonasson




And other artists


We visited the botanical garden at Nijmegen.   

It hasn’t recovered from winter yet, but there were plenty of nice ideas for garden art.  





An insect terrace

And other stuff 

A stove (kang) for the greenhouse  




Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Stockholm where I haven’t been since early spring. My first stop was my favorite coffee shop – Vetekatten – for afternoon coffee.


Then to the art show opening at Magasin 3. Part of the show was in a park at the harbor.


‘Garden art’


At the gallery Katharina Grosse, Sol LeWitt, Walter De Maria are the trio of artists making up the main exhibition. Katharina Grosse made the enormous inflated spheres. Just right for my garden, if they wouldn’t blow away.

I also favored the restfull video installation by Pipilotti Rist, where one lays on a pile of carpets and watches a projection on the ceiling. One is filmed under water in a lake with colorful debris floating around. It’s like laying on the bottom of a lake for about a half an hour. The other is at ground level looking up through the grass, bushes and trees, etc. A bugs eye view. I thought I might fall asleep, but no, it was exhilarating.

And the snacks where as usual plenty and good, including a fried tofu sandwich catered by Bun Bun a Stockholm food truck.