This year I’ve been doing a little more covering. The plants that have been pregrown indoors and then planted outside into the garden when the risk for night frost is over are often at a risk because of weather and vermin.

A bed of brassicas covered with garden fleece and a chicken wire cage. The fleece is to keep the jord loppor (earth fleas – a kind of tiny hopping beetle that will devour young brassicas if left alone) to a minimum. The wire cage is to keep the hares and deer out.

A new addition is the plant trays that I am now experimenting with. These give shade and protection from the wind and sun that can be devastating to newly planted squashes and the like.

After a few days under cover.

Two squashes that didn’t get a covering.

If there are a few plants that are extra important, this seems to help get them through a dry, sunny, windy spell. And also if there is a late frost.

Now It’s raining in the garden, and I’m happy. And it’s time to make a new batch of sauerkraut.