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We are touching up the barn-red (falu röd) on the sheds.

Wind break

I slept in the garden shed last night.

And woke up to this. 

The reason (besides the fresh air and beautiful veiw) was that we discovered that the deer had been jumping over or forcing the fence in the protected garden. 

And eating chard

So, I fixed the fence 

And figured that I should try to give them a scare in the night. But I didn’t hear or see a thing. I slept very well!

This shed is almost completely made of salvaged building material. 

Some really old lumber that anyone else would take to the dump. 

But with a coat of red barn paint (falu red) it looks like new and will probably last another 50 years. 

The floors are finished, or rather the floor and platform are finished.

The platform is for sitting, resting and sleeping. And for storing garden tools under. 

After cleaning out the gothic greenhouse construction site, this old tarp fits perfectly for keeping boots out of the clay and roots smothered in the clay.

The floor is in now too. 

The main building is done – the foundation, frame, walls, roof and floor, but there’s still a bit left. Mostly the trimmings. 

The jet lag is slowing me down, but I’ve managed to get back work and do a little.   


I’ve gotten the backside half done, but now I’ve run out of old salvaged siding. I have some in the basement drying and found some more in the barn, and that might do it. Later I’ll go further and look for more. I’ve heard of a farm nearby that is tearing a building down and they want to get rid of stuff, so I may be in luck. 

There are also other jobs to do like prune the trees.

And tomorrow I’ll get back into making koji and miso. 

Some more vegetable cages 
Another wall 

Of old planks 
Not bad for the lazy days of winter. Now for a trip to the States and even more laze. 

The weeds are kind of under control. Other projects get attention. A new garden shed is one. The roof beams are up.  


And the stone paving in the front is sunk into the turf. 

They have to settle in awhile, then be adjusted with sand later. I got them for free at a local yard sale, that is, if I took them off their hands. Otherwise, I don’t have enough used lumber for the shed, so it’s going slowly, and it looks like I’ll have to buy some new.

I’ve gotten permission from Farmer Eriksson to cut down this oak. It’s standing too close to other oaks and is half dead already.

I want to use it as the main post in the next garden shed I’m building.

The weather has been off and on this year – cold and warm, snow and rain. The ground is frozen solid now though. We are supposed to have a snow storm today and it’s starting to snow now, but in a few days it will probably rain again.

I want lots of snow and cold and good skiing.





And/or to get busy building a new garden shed.



A little while later…
It’s snowing like crazy!