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The second warmth-of-the-sun accumulator for the grape ’solaris’ is finished.

I wish I’d known how easy and so much fun this is, when I was younger, I would have made a stone barrier all the way around the garden. To help keep critters out, and because I like the natural beauty of it.

Strong back weak mind!

My stone cove for the Rondo grape turned out pretty good.

I had a new grape to plant with no obvious place to put it so why not make another warm protective cove.

This one is called Solaris. It’s a green grape, good for white wine making and tasty as a table grape as well. It was developed for the colder climates of northern Europe.

There are always stones in this clay soil. Some are big and useful.

Like here for gathering warmth and mulching around this new planted Rondo grape plant.

This going to be piled higher – about a half a meter.

Some can be used as boarders too. There are so many uses.

I have a good supply that the farmer brings here from the fields around.

All shapes and sizes. For me and the farmer too, it’s like a pile of gold.