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Dandelions in all their glory, but I love the sight and smell of new cut grass.

The cool weather is keepng up. We had some snow a few days ago, and some of the early potatoes have surfaced and gotten damaged in the night frost. They will make a come back I’m sure.

It seems like the cool weather is unusual, but it is actually quite normal.

And spring moves on.

The weeds are growing, so weeding needs to be done

The grass and dandelions are growing too. The neighbor boy does a good job.

The early lettuce is ready to plant out.

With not much else to do, the garden is getting a lot of attention this year.

I mowed the grass for the last time this year. It was pretty high and thick in some areas. I’m not much of a mulch fanatic, but when I saw this, the very best of all mulches,

I thought – why can’t I get such a great supply of mulch in the middle of summer when I need it most (not enough rain or time to rake it up). Instead of letting it go to waste, I realised I could use it now too on the newly turned dirt.

Or around trees and bushes.

But I’ll have to keep an eye on it and check that it doesn’t become a hiding place for bark and root eating rodents.

It got warm and dry all of a sudden. Everybody here in Sweden wanted to get their garden in this weekend. At the local plant nursery most of the planting potatoes were sold out. 

I figure it is still early and everything doesn’t have to be done all at once – I take my time. Besides, the farm tiller was loaned out, so I got the farm mower and cut the grass.  
The dandelions had to be cut down to size, but I know, it’s a useless task.  
Trays sown for planting out later. 
Cherry and plum trees are starting to bloom. 
Fucshias and pelargoniums come out of the basement. 

Stray strawberry and other plants potted for sales.  

Hopefully I’ll get the tiller tomorrow, till a crop circle, make a few beds and plant some seeds. 

After all the rain, maybe we get a few days of warmer and sunnier weather. The grass has been growing like crazy, and I was finally able to cut it and rake a bit of mulch together. I put it around the pumpkins, but still, it’s not enough. 

Mulching is hard work and time consuming. I’ll probably have to finish it off with flax straw, altho grass has a better fertilizing value.


I could rake some more, but instead we’re off for a few days cruise to Helsinki. 

It took me a couple of days – I got the grass cut!   

And partly trimmed 

No dandelions for a few hours. 

The first time this season, it’s extra thick, and leaves hundreds of cut grass strings that I should rake up and use as mulch and fertilizer. I do sometimes, but I have other things to do, and besides, I don’t want to deplete the soil for the grass, and it does contain miriads of dandelion seeds. I’ll wait till later when the dandelions are done flowering. 

The meadow in the lawn.

The boys wanted me to let all the grass grow wild and mow paths between the different crop circles and other destinations, but I like the big open lawn, so we came to a compromise, where they got a new circle to do what they want with.

This year they let it grow wild and mowed it once with a sythe. It turned out nice, but they want to get meadow flowers growing there too. That will probably take quite a bit of time and effort, because the grasses are so dominant. Time and effort – we have plenty of.

A dirt mound, piled high with diggings from the well pond, tree and bush holes, weedings, etc, complete with feelers of last years self sown hollyhocks rising into the sky.

Sometime in the future, when the garden stablizes and there is less digging and landscaping going on, this mound will be a bit bigger. It will be shaped and sloped and covered with grass. Perhaps the future gardener will carry on a tradition of growing two hollyhocks on it every year.

The neighbor boy cut the grass the other day. We raked up a few of the strings of grass cuttings to put over the rows of carrots and parsnips.

Carrots and parsnips take so long to germinate and get going. Often the beds dry out in the mean time. The wind has been so strong and steady that my watering amounts to almost nil. Even the mulch drys up and blows off. Hopefully it will rain tomorrow as predicted – or the air calm down a bit.

After siesta I raked up a bit more of the dry grass cuttings in the stiff breeze, covered the rest of the carrot rows and wetted it down to keep it in place.

One thing about mulch is, it seems I can never get enough of the good kind. Grass cuttings are the best, but we don’t have a grass catcher for the mower and nobody has the time or ork to rake up enough.

The worst thing is that there are millions of dandelions flowering this time of year, and I don’t want to spread more dandelion seeds than necessary in the crop circles, so I rake selectively.


We have a lot of grass that gets cut nearly once a week. I should use more of the grass clippings as mulch. Tests have shown that mulching grass clippings is one of the absolute best ways to fertilize a vegetable garden. The problem is that the mower minces the grass so much that it sinks into the cut grass and fertilizes it. This is good too, however, sometimes the mower leaves strings of clippings which, if I have time, I could rake up and use as mulch. Usually I don’t have time, but this time I did.

I never seem to get enough either. Sometimes my arms and back give out, and there are many other distractions to keep me from doing it. This time I did get enough to cover the ground under all the maize plants.

Mulching is good for fertilizing, keeping the weeds under controll and nice to cover the pathways with for easy walking when the clay is wet. It protects the ground from drying out in hot spells and feeds the earth worms too.

I never take grass clippings in the spring when they are needed most, because that’s when the dandelions are in bloom producing a myriad of seeds. I have enough trouble with them already. Instead I get bales of straw to at least cover the pathways. My favorit mulch is flax straw because it breaks down more slowly and doesn’t get soggy in wet periods. It’s hard to get tho.