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We’re back again this year to see stuff, buy plants and seeds and meet people. My favorite this year is this rolling green house.

I’ve reached the top of the back wall and am done with this years stone building. 

Now during the winter, I can start building the the wooden superstructure. 

After all the guests snd garden parties, we are off on a garden viewing trip. First stop is J√§rna – a nice little home-made greenhouse full of tomatoes and peppers. 

Getting done.

It’s done!

Except for some natural preservative painting as well as fixing the dirt and foundation later. 

This recycled graffiti plywood backside will hopefully be visited by some local graffiti artist and get a more colorful paint job, preferably in shades of green. 

The old mini greenhouse has been rotting away for the last couple of years. 

Time to make a new one. I found another window the same size, so it will be bigger too. 

This garden gnome (tomte) has already found his nook… 

…for watching over the greenhouse project as well as the rest of the garden. 


A marble slab from the auction, some cement and a couple of rusty bars for support and presto, a shelf in the gothic greenhouse. 

This little whatever-it-is needs a new window.

One is whole but needs some repair, the other has a plastic sheet that has blown loose, and there is a third, reserve window that is only an empty frame, so I bought two sheets of glass cut to size.

First I have to clean and scrape the two frames.

Then put the glass panes in place and secure them with brads and putty. While I’m at it, I might as well fix up the one good window, the frame and probably move it to a new location near by. Where it is now, the ground is infested with some insidious root weeds and I’ve decided to use that place for other activity.

And what is it? It’s too little to be called a greenhouse and too raised up to be a cold frame. Whatever! My plants growing in the cellar need it soon for the sun, warmth and protection from the wind and cold nights.

Not really inspired by Christo, I cover my incomplete greenhouse walls with boards, rugs and plastic tarps to keep them dry and warm for the winter.

The fresh cement does not fare well in the oscillating damp and freezing weather of the swedish winter, so this covering is neccessary. After every storm I have to check the damage to the tarps and reinforce them. In the spring I’ll open it up and start working on it again.

Some may think this is art too.

My gothic green house taking form.

I started this five years ago and it will probably take another five to finish. I started by digging and laying a 7 by 3 meter foundation deep enough to not be effected by ground frost. The front will be about 90cm while the back/north side will be about two meters high. The roof will of course be thick glass on a structure of heavy beams.

When done it will contain a wood burning stove as well as trees and plants such as apricot, peach, grapes and other semitropical fruits and flowers. It will also be used for propagating plants for the garden.

The most important use will perhaps be as a sitting room during the winter – sitting next to a cosy fire in a tropical setting while the winter storms rage outside.


Sand and gravel

This farm has just about everything.
All I need is to buy cement, make a mixture of cement and sand and put the stones together. This is quite time consuming, tho, if I try to get everything in line and keep the stone surfaces clean.