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It’s Halloween at Fyris Torg Market today.

You’d be scared too if you saw who’s taking my picture.

I sold almost all of the jack o lantern pumpkins today at the market. Thank goodness there were a few left when the pumpkin carvers came for a visit. 

Happy All Saints Day! 

In Sweden it’s on monday/tuesday and the following weekend to make things very confusing, but great for partying all week. 

The pumpkin head latern from All Hallows Eve weekend has lighted the door step for the last three weeks.

But it’s getting soft and mushy and seen it’s last night, so now it has moved to the compost where it can rot away in delight.


For All Helgona Dagen – swedish Halloween – the whole family was gathered together and we had a small feast. For dessert we had pumpkin pie of course.

We usually use a japanese Hokkari pumpkin for the pie, but this year we took an american variety called Sweet Meat.

Here’s how we make pumpkin pie.

You will need:
– About 1 1/2 kilo pumpkin
– 15 ml (1 Tbsp) cinnimon
– 8 ml clove powder
– 8 ml ginger powder
– a pinch of salt
– 2 dl (1 cup) honey
– 3 dl cream
– 4 eggs
– pie crust

How to do it:
– remove skin from pumpkin slices
– cut into cubes
– boil/steam cubes with enough water to keep from sticking
– add spices and pinch of salt
– boil until soft
– add honey
– let cool
– mix in eggs and cream
– pour into pie shell
– bake at 200 centigrade for one hour
– let cool
– serve with whipped cream

It was delicious and the left overs even better. It ages well for a few days anyway.

But be careful, don’t eat too much, it may cause restless sleep and nightmares. Maybe I am hyper sensitive, but it seems to have that effect on me. Recently, after a late pumpkin pie binge, I slept in fits and had a vivid and powerful dream about the garden.

My garden, which is completly flat and square, was tranformed into a fairy tale garden in a deep narrow valley with steep slopes on both sides. Everything was in technicolor greys and greens. It was wind swept with fallen trees and branches, stone walls and outcroppings of bed rock….

Sometimes I wonder if pumpkin pie may be psychedelic.