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A couple more cabbage cages.

I always need more cabbage cages. These are for all the brassica and other vegetables that the wildlife love to eat. It protects these plants from moose, elk, deer, wild boar, hares and even butterflies and moths.

The cabbage butterflies lay their eggs on the cabbage leaves whereupon the larvae feed, leaving only skeletons of cabbage. I gave up growing any kind of brassica for many years until I came up with this idea. I also use bacillus thuringiensis for the few that squeeze in.

The blizzard passed south of us, so we got only a little wind and snow.

After a snow fall it is interesting to take a walk around the garden and see what kind of wildlife activities are taking place during the long winter nights. No elk, moose or wild swine, but plenty of hare and deer tracks.

These tracks are running to the neighbors apple tree.

One deer made it’s bed nearby.

Others like to browse my hedge plantings that are hap-hazardly protected.

The mulberry bush gets extra wind protection.

Yesterday I went and got a load of used sheep fencing. It was for free ‘just come and take it away’.

I can get 500 meters more if I take it down. Maybe come summer. I may need more if the wild swine get any closer.