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I finally got them all in out of the cold for winter storage and selling. All over the place.

The Wik Skördefest this year was a bit different. There was a new team of organisers with some new ideas – many more sellers over a wider area, more publicity and new positions for us old timers.

I was a bit dismayed, but the weather turned out great, the crowds were bigger and our main customers were able to find us, so sales were good,

especially for the fermented foods.

Getting ready for the big one!

The yearly Wik Harvest Market. We are spending a good part of 3 days harvesting, baking, packaging, etc.

It starts tomorrow (16 sept) 11 oclock at Wik Slott near Uppsala.

Today is the day for the yearly harvest festival market at Wik. 

Better than ever!

The sweet pungent smell of koji has filled the house once again. Ripe and sporulating and ready for harvesting and drying.

It’s day 2 after 48 Hours.

And spread out in a thin layer

It will be dry in 2 days when the next batch of barley koji is ripe and ready.

We had a tinge of frost last week, but very little damage. Corn plants got it worst. 

Last night was worse with major damage. 

A little bit of covering helps, but predictions say more to come, so it’s time to take in everything that is sensitive. 

The pumpkins are bigger and nicer this year in spite of the lack of rain and watering. And ripening just fine. 

After a few tired days of straightening up after the wonderful big garden party, things are are getting back to normal – weeding, building and harvesting. Dispite the drought, everything is growing bonkers. I picked my first bucket of pickling cucumbers. 

All set for lactic fermentation. 

Now for a day of harvesting for the market (Fyristorg) tomorrow. 

Today again I missed the farmers market in Uppsala. Last week it was because of the culture night, today because we are getting ready for the annual harvest market at Wik Castle.




We’ll also have a lot of prepared foods such as sauerkraut, miso, baked goods and pear sauce.

Tomorrow, Sunday, starting at 11 oclock, Wik Castle.

The rain has stopped, the sun is out, it’s warming up again and drying out. Maybe it is still summer, but it sure felt like fall had come the last two weeks.

The pumpkin patch always makes a good picture this time of year.



There are some pumpkins in there, but it’s hard to see how they can survive in that sea of green.


The sweet corn is ripening too.


A sure sign that autumn is around the corner. Here in Sweden anyway.