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I still have s couple of batches of miso to make before summer. Today it was an herb miso. Soybeans, rice koji, salt, garlic, thyme, oregano and basil.

No fun messing about in the garden today, so in keeping with this years early start at miso making, I’ll make some herb rice miso. 

With some foresight, I cooked a load of sojbeans last night. 

And with some garlic, basil, oregano, thyme and of course rice koji and salt. 

And 2 years fermentation.

The small amount on the right got a diced fresh cayenne pepper too. 

I cooked the soybeans and gathered the other ingredients for this seasons Herb Miso. 

I use the standard rice miso recipe of 1 kilo soybeans, 1 kilo rice koji, 460 grams of seasalt, but then I add 1 deciliter each of basil, oregano and thyme, plus 6 cloves of garlic to the mixture. 

Ready for the usual 2 year fermentation. 

Next week I will be making my last batch of miso for this year. It will be a chickpea miso. So keep your eyes pealed. 

This time there is a mix of home grown herbs thrown into the otherwise ordinary 2 year rice miso. 

It’s really good!

Now for a batch of Herb Miso
To the usual 2 year rice miso, I add some home grown herbs. This time; basil, thyme, oregano and some garlic to be fermented along with the swedish eco soybeans, rice koji and salt.


It’s a glorious sunshiny day today.

And I’m in the kitchen making miso.

I boiled the beans yesterday when it rained and blew all day, and I didn’t feel like putting it all together in the evening.

Here’s the result.

I boiled 1 kilo of swedish soybeans, divided it into two portions and made a batch of sweet 6 month miso and a larger batch of herb miso. The herb miso has my favorite mix of mediteranean flavors: garlic, basil, thyme and oregano.

As for the sunshine; we don’t get much this time of year. This November has only had a couple hours of clear sky and sun so far, so I have to get out and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Probably the last miso this season, I made a larger batch with 1 kilo of Chinese organic soybeans, 1 kilo of rice koji and 460 gm seasalt. After the ordinary washing, soaking, boiling and grinding, I mixed all the ingredients and grinded some more, and then put about half into a 2 liter jar.

The remaining portion got an additional mix of herbs to make an herbal miso. I mixed in garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage and basil, and put it into jars.

Todays result. Now to wait 2 years for the fermentation to do it’s wonders.

In the meantime there is a lot of watering, weeding and building on the gothic greenhouse to do. And next week we take a vacation to the far north for some camping and hiking etc.

Soon after the snow melts away in the early spring, we can find herbs sprouting, like nettles, chives, garlic and parsley, for early seasoning. Now all the herbs are in full growth and starting to flower.

It is time to pick and dry for later use. Here are my favorite culinary herbs spread out to dry.

Thyme, sage, oregano, basil and rosemary.

Soon I’ll be making another batch of herb miso, using this combination plus garlic.