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Another day of hiking – hardly any rain but no sun either. Today I went halfway to Kårsavagge cabin. Wet feet but otherwise –


Across the bridge, then back to the fire at the Abisko lodge. 

A day later. After a stressed out day of weeding and putting the garden in order and then an all night train trip, I’m in the mountains of northern Sweden for my annual hiking vacation. I’m at Abisko mountain lodge this year, hiking in the rain and cold.

I’m already back at the lodge drinking coffee beside the open fire warming up and drying off. 

Now for a sauna to warm my bones and a reindeer meat dinner. 

Most Swedes go south to the sun and warmth for vacation. We usually go the other direction – to the north, where it’s cool. This year I’m hiking from Nikkaluokta to the Kebnekaisa Mountain Lodge, then back again. The weather is warm and sunny this time, in fact, it’s hot and sweaty hiking. I brought too many clothes for winter. It was cold here until yesterday and there is fresh snow on the mountains. This morning I saw some mountain climbers with skis hooked to their packs.

Here at the lodge the wifi is very weak, but I’ll try to load a few pictures. NOT working. (I’ve returned and will now try to fix it again)

Rocky trails.





Arriving at the lodge

This is probably the most popular hiking route in Sweden with thousands taking it every year. Many continue hiking to other destinations or climb to the top of Kebnekaisa. It’s considered an easy trek, but I wasn’t the only one hobbling in late to breakfast this morning.

The lodge in morning light.


The wandering started at Låktatjåkka Station.

And progressed upward into the fog covered mountains. The weather forecast predicted rain and thunder storms.

The trail followed a rushing stream most of the way.

In the fog it was a good thing the trail was marked. I almost got lost a couple of times.

Water everywhere.

And snow.

And fog.

Now, the next day, the sun was out. Leaving the lodge in the sun, the mountain world took on a whole different perspective.


And after a trek of 9 kilometers and a 800 meter descent, the panorama veiw from the Björkliden Lodge looks grand over a warm cup of coffee.


Like a phantom, Låktatjåkka Lodge imerges out of the fog after the days hike and climb.