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The boys put up the hop pole that was taken down for the winter.

The caged garden also got a covering of compost and black dirt and has been rototilled. I managed to make and sow a raised bed of colored swiss chard, onions, parsley and beets in this protected area before it starts raining tonight.


Gypsy wagon lying down.

Early this morning I was awakened by the wind and a crash. I had to get up and have a look. My premonitions were true – my son’s gypsy wagon project had blown over. Now he has to take much of it apart and repair what he can. He also has to reconsider some of the details such as height.

I was also worried about a very tall pole set up this summer for hops to grow on, but it held. I put on some extra ropes now to anchor it better. It too needs reconsideration and may get moved to a better place.

We get a lot of wind here. There seems to be a canyon-like flow through here to the valley below. I have been putting in a lot of trees and a hedge to diminish this effect, but it will take 20 years at least before we see much effect.