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From the Christmas jack o lantern.

We are helping out this year at the Open Christmas for the homeless, lonely and the far away from home in Uppsala.

Volunteer elvs getting ready

Christmas dinner



Djurbygård, the farm where we live and garden has a lodge for community get-togethers.

For quite a few years now the farmers family has been serving a traditional Julbord, or Christmas smorgasbord. It has become very popular, so in all, they set the buffet about 25 times.


Home cooked dishes from the farm or local producers, like various kinds of pickled herring and meat from the wild.




And much much more.


Many of us living on the farm chip in.
I help too. I peel potatoes and dry dishes. And get to eat a lot of fantastic leftovers.

There was 1 kilo of barley koji left, so I expanded the recipe to;

1 kilo soybeans
1 kilo barley koji
460 grams seasalt

Here’s todays result;

4.5 liters of barley miso to ferment for two years – ready for Yule 2015. We’ll probably only need the small one, so the rest will be for sales.

Notice the white layer on the top. It’s salt for extra protection in case air leaks in. Not really necessary when using jars with good seals, but it’s a tradition.

Now I’ve used up all the koji I made earlier this year, so during the cold months of january, february and march there will be a lot of koji making for next years miso production.

I’m pretty much done with gardening and food processing for this year, so now I can concentrate on the holidays and our trip to the polar regions of Sweden, where there will be plenty of snow, ice and cold. The snow has all melted around here, and the forecasts say continued warm weather. I will be glad to leave the dark, dreary, muddy south for some cold, clear, crisp, snowy air.

Christmas eve is the big holiday here dedicated to family, food and presents. Christmas day is the day after – the day of contemplation and rest and play. On Djurby farm we all get together somewhere in nature.

This year we had a camp fire by the ‘ski slope’ so that the youngsters could sled, ski and snowboard. The older folks sit around the fire roasting sausage, drinking coffee, and talking.

Returning home using a ‘kicker’ or sled walker (it goes quite fast if icey)…

…to lots of music and lots and lots of leftovers.

Annandag Jul – the day after or Boxing Day is a traditional holiday here too. Our family always goes somewhere special for an excursion.

Because there was too much snow for hiking in the wild, we took a drive to the local castle (Wik Castle) and walked around the park viewing the woods, lake and buildings.