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Our winter special deliveries have depleted our supply of fermented carrots. We bought 20 kilos of carrots and a couple of rutabagas from another local organic farmer and started cleaning and shredding.

For a couple jars of course mix with rutabaga and tarragon snd salt of course.

And a few jars of fine shredded carrots with shredded fresh ginger, garlic and salt (1.5%).

It should be ready (well fermented by the ambient lactic acid bacteria) and should last until August when the new carrots come.

Now back to the main winter jobs of koji growing and miso making.

My version of kimchi! I started to run out of kimchi for sales, so had to make more. My own savoy and asian cabbages are not looking good after this summers drought and onslaught of bugs (they are looking better as the weather cools and it rains). So I had to go to the supermarket and get ingredients to complement my own garlic, carrots, peppers and chilis.

15 grams seasalt per kilo ingredients.

Presto – 15 kilos of vegies becomes 17 liters ready for fermentation.

The weather is getting more and more conducive to staying indoors and doing kitchen activities.

I haven’t made sourdough bread since spring, so the starter looks pretty bad.

A few spoonsful of old starter from the bottom in a new jar with some rye flour, wheat flour, honey, and some warm water, mixed and left in a warm place, should get the yeast and lactic acid bacteria growing again. Make sure the honey, a source of active yeast, has not been heated or pasteurised.


If this doesn’t work, we can always get some from someone else or start from scratch again.

I didn’t go to the market last saturday so there were lots of cucumbers to dispose of.


They were turned into about 30 liters of lactic acid pickles.