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Dandelions in all their glory, but I love the sight and smell of new cut grass.

I’m waiting for the sun to dry out and warm up the soil after two weeks of cold and rain. Then it will be tilling, sowing and planting like crazy.

In the meantime I’ll make some kimchi, sourdough bread and mow the lawn which is growing fast.

The meadow in the lawn.

The boys wanted me to let all the grass grow wild and mow paths between the different crop circles and other destinations, but I like the big open lawn, so we came to a compromise, where they got a new circle to do what they want with.

This year they let it grow wild and mowed it once with a sythe. It turned out nice, but they want to get meadow flowers growing there too. That will probably take quite a bit of time and effort, because the grasses are so dominant. Time and effort – we have plenty of.