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Winter is coming fast this year. We’ve had a lot of frost already, the winter tires are on and there have been a few snow flakes in the air. The fall chores are coming along early too. 2 crop circles are already cleaned, dug over and have a sparce covering of new raked leaves.

And the zen dirt garden has been tilled.

Autumn is the big time for fermenting compost. There’s a lot going on in my compost circle. It’s cleaned up and looking nicer than ever. Layers of garden waste, dirt, manure, leaves, kitchen waste are piled and left for as much as 2 years.

Leaves and compost go very well together.

A big load is of leaves is like gold.

The newly turned dirt gets a sprinkling of golden worm food for the winter.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

I’ll probably be digging and raking till new years again this year.

For the last several days it’s been below freezing, and it looks like it’s going the stay cold for the rest of winter.

I’m not quite done with the garden digging, but I’ll have to call it quits now. I lost ten days travelling to Japan and have almost gotten caught up, so I’m satisfied.

I even got all the raking done, leaf coverings on all the dug up areas, hedge trees planted and another bed of garlic in before the ground got frozen hard. This year it’s later than usual but more done.

Now all I need is a bunch of snow for skiing.

Now we are home again with a little jet lag and a couple grey days left of november. It’s cold, rainy, dark and dismal, but it feels good. 

And there’s a lot left to do before winter sets in. 

The kids have raked the rest of the leaves to take to compost.

And there’s quite a bit of clean up and digging left to do. 

I’m back to blogging after a period of not. We are leaving my frozen garden…

for a 12 day trip to Japan to see the leaves change color in the temple gardens and hills around Kyoto. And maybe I’ll be able to buy a can of hybrid pumpkin seeds. 

Some more kitchen scraps, potato peels, garden scraps, cow manure and black dirt are layered on one of this years composts. 

Top it off with leaves and it’s ready for two years of fermentation.  

It has been cold and the ground froze pretty deep. Now it has warmed up again, and I can rake leaves while I wait for the ground to thaw out enough to finish digging. 

I can never get enough leaves. They are great for the garden – mulch, leaf mold, worm food, composting, protection around plants, etc. 

The third crop circle is harvested, cleaned out, dug, turned over and leaved.

There is one more crop circle that needs some digging, tarps to go up and leaves to rake before everything freezes.

We are expecting more warm weather for the next 10 days, so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting the garden fully winterized, plus a little extra.

The autumn leaves fall, get raked and then moved.

Most are placed in the compost area – on the piles, some in between to keep the weeds down and more waiting for future piles.


As worm food for the winter in the newly tilled crop circle.

For warmth and protection around bushes.

In the end there not much left but fiber, minerals and trace elements, but that’s good. Very good for soil fertility and tilth.