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I’m starting out my starts ealier than last year. My first brassicas, lettuce and herbs.

It seems like every year it gets earlier. The weather is all of a sudden spring like, and I can’t resist.

I probably need a few very small vegetable cages too.

Big enough for 1 large lettuce or 1 small cabbage.

The weather keeps reminding me to get busy and begin sowing seeds for earlier plants to plant out later. 

Herbs like basil and oregano need to be started early in this climate as well as lettuce and brassica. To start out they’ll be kept warm indoors until they germinate and grow to a good size for planting out. 

4 new ones should be enough for now, but I think I will design a new kind  that is not as high, lighter and easier to move around, that would be better for lettuce and strawberries. 

Harvested from the garden before getting destroyed by frost. 

I’ve never had it so good this late in the season with greens, reds and roots. 

There’s nothing better than home grown for an All Saints Day feast. 

The weather is great, but that doesn’t matter, I always start sowing indoors around the 15th of april. It’s time to start sowing seeds and growing small hearty plants to plant out in may and june. 

Four trays of different brassicas and lactucas (cabbage and lettuce families). 

They will be in a warm place in the basement until germination, then transfered to a new cold frame out side. 

I’ve sown a tray of brassicas and another of lettuces, also a couple of weeks earlier then last year.


The herbs from earlier seem to be surviving the cold nights and will probably be ok, but many of the scraggly sprouts most likely won’t make it. 

Now for a few days holiday in Holland. 

A very good load for the first farmers market this summer.

I found a surprisingly large amount of sales ready vegetables, flowers and fermented foods to take to the Saturday (today) Fyris Market in Uppsala.

Be there soon.

The weather is never just right in the spring – too cold, too warm, too dry, too much rain, windy – and we have had all of these. With a little protection, the plants started early for later planting out have come along fine with a few exceptions.


At the end of a very cold windy week and with rain and better weather predicted, we got out in force and planted beds of letuce, fennel, onions (always more onions), the last potatoes, most of the brassica and more. Here with some temporary wind protection.




The presown cabbages, other brassica, lettuce, etc are coming up pretty nicely inspite of the cloudy, cold and rainy weather.

When we got back from Japan the weather was very summery, and it was difficult not to hurry up the gardening this year. Luckely I didn’t, because it has turned cold again. Colder than usual.

I sowed the pumpkins, cucumbers, maize and such the other day, so I hope it warms up soon. It’s under glass and plastic, so it should be okey, but it will need more warmth.